Welcome to Glowcopters! Glowcopters are light-up flying slingshot toys that are the hottest selling novelty toy on the market today. Slingshot this light up helicopter toy up to 200 feet into the air using our extra long rubber bands and our strong easy to use kid friendly sling shot launchers. 

What sets us a part from the cheap imitations....Quality! 
*our wings are guaranteed not to tear or rip
*extra long rubber bands for super high launches
*kid friendly easy to use wishbone launcher 
*super bright LED lights 
*easy to replace batteries 
*clear easy to follow instructions on each Glowcopter package 
*our 100% customer satisfaction 
and customer service from a us based company.
*4 years of product experience 

 On Glowcopters.com you can shop in our retail store,find additional set up instructions,and get wholesale information. 
 Enjoy our site! - The Glowcopter team